Krampus, the dark companion of St. Nicholas

A dinner conversation turned me on to a minor obsession/curiosity of Krampus. Originating in Germanic folklore as early as the 1600s, A black-haired horned demon,with one cloven and one human foot,or as a devil with red skin, horns, and a tail. In Austria he sometimes appears a more monstrous and hairy like creature. So on December 6th, St. Nicholas would deliver treats and gifts to good little girls and boys, while the demon Krampus would come collect the naughty ones. Krampus doesn’t mess around, he comes strapped with a basket full of switches to punish bad children and scare them straight, and shackles and chains to carry away the naughtiest of the children… to burn in Hell for all eternity. Krampus festivals were held on the 5th  throughout Alpine communities where Krampus costumes were worn to remind, and terrify little kids to a good path. Also was used to frighten away sexual promiscuity  He really takes care of Santa’s naughty list.KrampusCard7Krampus5-1KrampusCard3KrampusCard6KrampusCard8



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