Riot Girrrrrrrrl Playlist

I wont settle down and become a boring asshole like you. Never, Never!

Riot Grrrrrls, Rebel girls, colored hair charged aggressive punk girls, gutter punk hotties, beer pounding metal chicks, Birds, and hot angsty girls.  This playlist is for revolution shouting, guitar shredding, headbanging, moshing, semi violent loud mouthed bad bitches.The kinda girls who are ready to throw down, and scream into a microphone. This is for girls who can throw down some liquor, and lots of beer.  Idealistic, aggressive, and strong headed chicks. No weak bitches, fakers, or posers. I miss these kind of chicks. Bad ass 90s tough girls. Think Juliet Lewis in natural born killers opening scene. L7, Girlschool, Lunachics, Lita Ford,Bikini kill,Cycle Sluts from Hell, Vice Squad, Naked Aggression, Nina Hagen, and many more. Get out of my way or I’m gonna shove!

  1. Rebel Girl-Bikini Kill
  2. Handsome & Gretel- Babes in Toyland
  3. Shove-L7
  4. Less Teeth More Tits, Lunachicks
  5. Your Nightmare my Life- Naked Agression
  6. Shitlist-L7
  7. Wish you were a Beer- Cycle sluts from hell
  8. Another Shot of Whiskey- The Gits
  9. Luxury Problem- Lunachics
  10. Gimmie Brains-Bratmobile
  11. Angry Youth- Vice Squad
  12. Not a Pretty Girl- Ani Difranco
  13. I’m Ugly and I don’t know why- Betty Blowtorch
  14. Don’t Call me babe-Shampoo
  15. Badass Bitch-Lunachicks
  16. Cat’s Meow 7 year Bitch
  17. Oh Bondage up Yours- X -Ray Spex
  18. Diet Pill-L7
  19. Binge and Purge-Lunachicks
  20. Teenage Whore- Hole
  21. Call The Doctor-Sleater-Kinney
  22. Good Fortune- PJ Harvey
  23. Fast and Frightening-L7
  24. Race with the Devil- Girlschool

Hi how are you, how high are you?


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