Don’t you just hate when girls wear fake glasses.omg.


Messing around at work. A silly photo turned into a story about bullies.

This pic reminded me of one day when I was Browsing tumblr , I saw a post about a girls hatred for the fake glasses trend. I thought maybe that could be annoying,  especially if done in bad taste, but what a waste of time. For real. You could have posted something creative or cool. You really have to have problems to publicly post negative stuff online to feel better about yourself. You could have crushed somebody’s first creative attempt, or a frail ego of someone who just felt cute. So this goes out to all bully’s, and people who are a little afraid to step up. Try pampering yourself, let lose a little, open your mind. Read a book! Go shopping.I say wear whatever the fuck you want to, and who cares what people think. Haters are always going to hate, its in their nature, really quite gross behavior. Ignore all that bull. Once you stop caring what people think you tend to get more creative, and have more fun being you. Everybody has an inner cool, a personality, and it can hide behind a mask forever if you let it. So start Sharing it, life will reward you back.


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