Halloween Girl

Halloween is my favorite holiday(runs in the family), so I celebrate the entire month of October. My mom is an  amazing seamstress/costume designer, and she always made a big deal around Halloween. We had the best costumes, me and my brothers, stitched and handmade to perfection. We were poop as hell but my mom always made it work, you can’t buy talent.We would all decorate, sit around and watch horror films. So many Horror films, especially the campy B ones. I loved Freaks! Halloween decor would stay up through December, and some would make it all year. We were different, raised to be creative. Our favorite shows were Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt, Elvira show, Are You Afraid of the Dark, and goosebumps even! My mom got me into David Lynch, and John Waters films very young! It might have something to do with why I am such a weirdo. So I took after her in a way, I make the absolute most out of October,  dress as crazy as I can, and make a bunch of cool Halloween stuff.

Halloween thus far: A trip to the Whaley House, partying with Beetlejuice, wearing my favorite lace and sequins bone blouse I made, dancing with the dead in skeleton tights and stripper heels, lacing my hair with skeletons, and decorating my lashes with big black feathers for my wicca goth costume. More costumes and recipes to come.



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