Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness

I have so many memories with this album. I loved It. It was by no means my favorite album, but great to escape, and paint to when I was younger. Which one was my favorite? I always liked both discs. I was living in a really shitty brown apartment in an alley off El Cajon blvd, in North Park.  We lived across a laundry mat and liquor store in one. I think I was 13. I shared a bedroom with my brothers and mom, and the whole room was seperated by those little accordion walls. We all shared a land line! LOL. My area had a cave crevice like cutout in the wall,  where I claimed first. I decorated it with white sheer curtains, pillows, and a blue light. I was young, but I would drink, smoke pot, and just listen to music. Cranberries, and Bjork, Operation Ivy were big in rotation in my little blue living space.It was my own little sanctuary in my crazy messed up world. All I had was my sony walkmen, a small stereo, stacks of cds, my backpack, disposable cameras, clothes, and art supplies. Oh and a little orphan orange kitty I named Kodak, he was really cute, and good company. Anyways, I connect this album to those days of peeping into cool coffee shops(pre Starbucks takeover), stops at record stores, 711,video stores,and waiting for class to get out.Music was my everything growing up and helped me cope with life. I really am happy For this album and living the tail end of a different world.


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