I live for Dives

I had to go to Perry’s Cafe for breakfast on my birthday. It has such a retro, dive, road trip, diner, kind of feel to it. I used to go there when I was younger, on special occasion,we were poor! Anyways it is really cool and the vibe is so old school it feels like smoking should be allowed in there. It has a bowling alley kind of feel, I love the old coffee pots and outdated decor. It is kind of dark, and you can see the light peaking through the forest green blinds, and through the entrance. Locals are at the bar reading the paper while they slowly eat their huge American comfort breakfasts. VIPs,Love! Endless coffee, a silver pot of creamer,and a sassy waitresses. I could sit there all day and drink coffee and read.I need to do a photo shoot there. I had a huge fluffy strawberry pancake with butter, whipped cream, and syrup.  Bacon, and Orange juice, yes please. I indulged and it felt good. A lot of happiness there, a perfect start to my birthday.


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  1. Nikki

    Happy Birthday all the way from Scotland!! Hope your havin’ an awesome day! Just found your blog a few days ago & I love it! =) Nikki xx

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