Halloween is Everyday

Its that time of year again, my favorite, Halloween. I celebrate the entire month of October and love that I get to dress up a little more than usual. The Halloween super stores are open for business, and every other store decks out their isles with masks, props, makeup, fake blood, candy, skulls, bones,black cats,bats, rats, crows,eyeballs,spiders, and other cool stuff. Tombstone topped black nail polish, crazy lashes,horror movie overload, and mass amounts of misfits. Fake spiderweb everywhere! The packaging on products get their annual makeover, so does Hello kitty. I love making creepy desserts and watching all the other creative concoctions people are making through tumblr, pintrest, facebook, and all other media. I love attending parties, going out, and seeing all the amazing costumes. Halloween is the best. I dressed up a lot last year, but this year I want to get less lazy and more creative. The pics above are some Ideas for costumes and makeup for this year.

Corpse bride, Beetlejuice,  Miss Argentina –Tim Burton, Princess Coo Coo, Desperate Living-John Waters. (Vagina Wrestler outfit same movie). Monster High dolls.


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