Shark Attack Fruit Salad

I just had to make this tonight. I saw this in some Womens World magazine when I was in line at VONS  and it has been on my mind ever since. Plus I really love sharks. This is so easy to do. First you cut a slant of the bottom so it sits up.(thats what part you use to make the fin later. Then you get masking tape as your guidelines as you cut out the mouth, remove some rind, and last cut triangles into it to make teeth. Then melon ball scoop out the flesh, and throw it back inside with fruit salad and gummy fish. Oh and feel free to use blueberries as eyes, and put on some sunglasses.  A new summer party staple. DUDE.



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2 responses to “Shark Attack Fruit Salad

  1. This is awesome! It would be a great center piece at a BBQ party or something!

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