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I forget sometimes how beautiful and rich our culture is here in San Diego. Sometimes you need to just go explore. I grew up here so it was really cool to see how much it has and hasn’t changed. Especially downtown.My friend Jeannette took me and my boyfriend on an adventure yesterday. Hanging at suspension bridge and walking around the park. A stop at a random redneck dive bar in IB on margarita monday where we shared a strong pitcher,put on Iron Butterfly, danced, and left.(It was still playing as we left) Then A tour of her old house,stomping grounds, Chicano park, favorite spots, views, her brothers pad,and her favorite ice cream Popsicle shop. Then we went to Baja Bettys for more margaritas and bad for you food.Going on mini day-cations in your hometown is really fun, living like your on vacation, and just going where the day takes you.  It is so needed sometimes. I can’t wait to do it again.


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