Sempre tem jeito

Life can get really hard and we can all fall into a depression, but how we chose to deal with the pain is what makes us stronger and better people. I have been traveling to Brasil for the past ten years and I fell in love with how they live their lives. Sempre tem jeito …there’s always a way. I love that saying, because no matter how little money you have you can still sit down and enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the morning, fresh flowers, or a long walk along the beach.  Laughing with friends, family, or strangers is also free! I have been going thru some hard times with money, and a bad breakup/betrayal from a close friend. So I find my way every day with nature, fresh fruit, tea, movies, books,magazines,getting dressed up,adventures, new friendships, cooking,spending time with family,and making people smile. I have been spending lots of time at my lake because it is my sanctuary, and extremely beautiful, and free!


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