All you need is Love

Silk flag shirt vintage from Thrift Trader North Park, heels Jeffrey Campbell Litas in Pewter Glitter, Floral headband handmade, Beatles button from the Buff in PB, Lipstick Lime Crime in Retrofuturist.

This Fourth Of July I decided to go for a seventies inspired look because I scored this bad ass silk flag blouse. I worked all day and rocked out to Creedence Clearwater Revival, led Zeppelin, Beatles, Stones, Melanie, The Outlaws, and Thin Lizzy. We threw a 5oth birthday party later on for a family friend, drank, grilled food, danced, and talked all night.



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2 responses to “All you need is Love

  1. Not sure I can find anything more patriotic than this. 😉

    • haha thanks, the idea is not to look like a flag waver tho. I wear it more because the classic Americana rock n roll look, kinda late 60s 70s inspired like Easy Rider! 🙂

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