Strip Strip Hooray

Murray Hill was awesome hosting Dita Von Teese’s burlesque routine last night at The House of Blues. The show starts, the curtains open and Dita was leaning against her martini glass wearing a business suit, top, hat, and smoking a cigar. Her martini dance is so sexy you can’t take your eyes off her, especially when she is squeezing the olive on herself…..I die! I loved it all, the sparkly cowgirl, the music choices, and the Geisha finishing act where all the flower petals dropped down on the crowd.  My favorite act was Dita’s makeup compact powder poof dance. It was filled with crystals, ballet shoes,  sparkling lipstick hats, and a powder puff  she sprinkled on the audience. She really is more beautiful in person and moves so gracefully, simply stunning, and so confident. Selene Luna Kicked ass, riding out on her motorcycle, I was so happy to see her perform. Monsieur Romeo was really sexy, as was Catherine D’lish on the spiderweb! Perle Noire is burlesque, and I am so making her Crystal  banana skirt! I am so inspired by these beautiful women and their love of the female body. They exude sexuality and perform in such a beautiful and tasteful way. I want to drown myself in swarovski crystals and glitter, lose 10 lbs, and start corset training asap.


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