A piece of Heaven on Earth

My boyfriend and I spent the evening with his mom and her friend Tammy in her Sky rise in Sao Paulo. It is the most Zen, amazing, beautiful, cozy apartment I have ever set foot in.  She also has an adorable fluffy Persian cat named kiki. Her taste and decorations are magazine worthy.We drank champagne, beers, and hung out while she introduced me to classic Brasilian music. The view of the city from her window is stunning and the city lights under the moon at night is absolutely breathtaking. I can spend hours looking in the windows of other apartments making up stories of their lives,what they do, what they eat, if they shower elegantly,drink wine naked and watch the sun go down. Looking down at this huge city you can feel the city come to life at night, the millions of people celebrating, having beers, food, laughing, and living. Even the crime, drugs, and prostitution has its charm. Anyways, I love Sao Paulo and plan on making a home here soon.


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