American Horror Story

I am obsessed with American Horror Story on FX. Its like the shining meets Rosemary’s baby. The show is based around the Harmon family, and they move from Boston to an old Victorian mansion in Los Angeles, to help their failing marriage. The Mother had a miscarriage, and she caught her husband cheating on her with one of his students. They get the mansion super cheap because of a murder suicide and it is super haunted. There is also the crazy ex actress neighbor and her creepy daughter who are obsessed with the house, a french maid who forces herself on the family, and the old man who burned his wife and himself in the house. Tate, a troubled student being counseled by the Harmon father, dreams of shooting up his school starts talking with the Harmons daughter, who doesnt fit in at her school. There is a bunch more of creepy stuff like ghost of two red-head boys, an old lady, and a gimp, so watch it, it is awesome.  New episode tonight!!!


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