Steven King Week

I think im just going to spend the next four Days in pjs, drinking cocktails, and watching AMC. It’s Steven King Week and they are going to be playing some awesome films. I just watched Christine, and Carrie, I forgot how good those films are and how much I love them. Next is Secret window, Pet Cemetary(my favorite)Dream Catcher, Thinner, Graveyard Shift, Cujo, Silver Bullet, The Shining, and the Dark Half. Pajamas.Horror films.popcorn.Drinks:)


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  1. I hadn’t actually seen ‘Carrie’ until I picked up a cheap DVD copy earlier this year, but it quickly became one of my fave movies. I’m probably more of a De Palma fan, than a King fan… but I would also be watching the crap out of those movies. Wish there was a station here in Britland who were putting on some spooky flicks in the run-up to Halloween. I wanna get my Goth on, dammit.

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