Holly Wood Darkside Playlist

  1. Good Day- Dresden Dolls
  2. Girl Anachronism- Dresden Dolls
  3. Opheliac- Emilie Autumn
  4. Hermit the Frog- Marina and the Diamonds
  5. Mermaid Sashimi- Juan Son
  6. Host of a Ghost- Porter
  7. Ghosts- Ladytron
  8. Werewolf- Cocorosie
  9. Shes in Parties- Kerli(bauhaus cover)
  10. Killing Moon- Echo and the bunnymen
  11. Graveyard Picnic- Voltaire
  12. Helena- Misfits(graves)
  13. Thank god im Pretty- Emilie Autumn
  14. Marry Me- Emilie Autumn
  15. Bad Habbit- Dresden Dolls
  16. Running up the Hill- Within Temptation
  17. Phantom of the Opera- Lacrimosa

GIF: http://gifmovie.tumblr.com/post/11377105611/kim-basinger-in-cool-world-drinking-and-smoking-like-a-s


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