Blackout 2011

So I was having way too much fun with yesterdays big blackout, along with the rest of San Diego! It was horrible for local businesses, and effected the one I was working at when it happened, but we needed that break, fun, excitement, and togetherness I witnessed all over the place! Everybody asked the same question, where were you during the blackout? People lit up telling stories about how much fun they had and how they wished it lasted one more day. It was hot and People were walking down the street with cases of beer, bags of ice, and more. Some partied at bars and others gathered all the food they had and threw bbqs. People came together, strangers and neighbors alike, in the streets having fun with each other, it was amazing! I now have a new obsession with candles, and simple quality time with neighbors.

I was at work for our thursday happy hour at the boutique. It was so hot so I decided to get lots of ice and make wine spritzers. When the power went out we were bummed, then we just said eef it, lets have fun! We sat drinking all the alcohol because no customers were walking in. Our friends from other stores came in and drank and ate with us while we watched people celebrating in the streets. I was walking around with my icy wine spritzer in my winne the pooh cup. Then my boyfriend picked me up and said the neighbors are getting together with wine and beers, and we ended the night talking in the street and observing the beauty of the stars, moon, and flickering of candles everywhere. Yah we all lost out on some money, but we gained something much better.


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