Bloomer Droppers

The neighbors had a little block party last weekend and it was surprisingly amazing. I bonded with my favorite neighbor Benson, a beautiful lady who gardens every day and brings me fresh herbs and tomatoes from her garden. She also had a husband in Vietnam, and saw Jimi Hendrix, Zeppelin, Iron Butterfly, Stones, and tons of other awesome shows I could never experience. So we bonded over our mutual love for cooking, tea, and the Victorian era! Then she told me a story about a crazy party she attended and the strong lemonade drink they got wasted off of! So here is the recipe for a refreshing summer lemonade:

  1. 1 Can Lemonade Concentrate
  2. 1 Can Beer
  3. 1 can Vodka

In a pitcher pour lemonade concentrate(do not include water), a can of beer, and can of vodka(Pour vodka in the concentrate canister for measure). Put lots of ice in each glass and pour the pitcher of bloomer droppers over the ice. Enjoy!


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