Healthy is Sexy

I’m an advocate of eating right, exercising, and indulging in moderation.  I also am big on doing whatever I want and eating/drinking whatever I want! Always live your live and if you want to eat a giant baguette, tons of cheese, red wine, and dessert, do it, just make sure to work it off. The more you practice a healthy lifestyle the less you will crave bad food. Being and feeling beautiful is addicting. I’m obsessed with all off it: shopping for healthy groceries, having a beauty box in my fridge, making infused waters & teas, DIY face & body scrubs, masks, and buying new beauty products!

I’m on a huge health kick right now and will be sharing with you tons of recipes, foods, and beauty ideas ive picked up and trusted over the years. It’s still summer, and well almost my second summer in Brazil this December, so its time to get beautiful!


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