FAGE Greek Yogurt with Honey 3 way

Not only is it good for you, this delicious treat doubles as an amazing tasty Lip Scrub, as well as a face mask! The best part is its inexpensive, using items in your pantry!

  1. Open the yogurt and take out 1 tsp of honey and put in a container(hello kitty shot glass)set aside
  2. Now take out  2 tsp of yogurt and put in a small bowl or cup and set aside
  3. Enjoy your delicious creamy honey yogurt….mmmmmm
  4. OK, now put 2 tsp of grainy sugar, and a dash of olive oil in the shot glass with the honey and mix! lip scrub is done
  5. Now mix 1 tsp of turmeric in your yogurt bowl and you have your face mask

Apply the mask evenly over your clean face and allow to dry, about 10 to 15 min. Put on some relaxing music, slice some cucumbers for your eyes, lay down and let the mask soak in! Take it off using your regular face wash, and now is the perfect time to try out your lip scrub. Work it into the lips to slough away dry skin and lick away to reveal soft  smooth kissable lips! Oh and lipstick will go on so much better!

The Turmeric Mask helps even complexion, reduces swelling,  puffiness, and redness, as well as a small amount of reducing  the appearance of wrinkles! It really softens your skin, try it!

Yogurt is full of calcium, vitamins, and minerals,  and is a probiotic that  boosts your immune system, and enhances your intestinal tract health! Honey is a great antioxidant that is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, giving your body  a quick energy boost. . It also contains protein, vitamins and minerals, and no cholesterol. Both yogurt and honey are part of the 101 foods that could save your life, by David Grotto.


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