DIY Sequin Nirvana Headband

It’s not the easiest at first, but once you get the hang of it there are endless designs to make!

You will need:

  • black felt
  • white chalk pencil
  • hot glue gun or fast tacky glue
  • yellow sequins
  • black sequins
  • headband base( buy from forever 21, pink zone, closet…. and take of whatever is on it off)
  1. draw or trace the nirvana logo on the felt with the white pencil and cut out circle
  2. first outline the circle with the black sequins using the glue gun a little at a time to stick them down. When you get towards the end cut the sequins string carefully, then glue it down neatly overlaping by a sequin.
  3. You will get used to the process the strands are very flexible! Also use loose sequins that fall off and glue them over messy spots.
  4. Now glue the face down cutting and gluing where needed.
  5.  Start coiling the yellow sequins in a circular or zig zag motion, you will get the flow once you start going, slightly overlapping as you go. Go around and slightly under the black outlines of the face and border. It will get easier as you Go!
  6. When finished glue it on your headband! Yay


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4 responses to “DIY Sequin Nirvana Headband

  1. wow! i love this. that look soo pretty! good job!:)) check out my blog to.. im also a DIY fan soo.. yeahh..:))) that’s cool!:)) nice post btw!


  2. reesahh

    Hey mace,
    whats up!! you are so talented; do you have an etsy store or anything?

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