Mickey & Minnie Mouse Flats

My Custom flats have been getting pretty popular so its time to start making them again! Ill probably start making kitten heels as well. I have a laundry list of ideas for shoes so stay tuned to see the creations im going to make! For start im going to be making some sid & nancy ones, popeye & olive oil, pacman & mrs pacman, green mm girl, eddie maiden ones……..and a bunch more! If you have any ones you need custom made hit me up.



Filed under Custom Shoes

6 responses to “Mickey & Minnie Mouse Flats

  1. Kait

    how much are they? 🙂

  2. Lucy

    Where can I buy them? 🙂

  3. Lucy

    Do you have an online store? I love the Minnie mouse flats!!! I would love to buy them

  4. Andrea Bennett

    i would love to but them also for my daughter who will b 3 in september is there anyway i can get an 8 in toddler before then ??

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