Vintage Dreamhouse Playlist

I dream of having a beautiful vintage fairytale house one day(maybe in France even). I want fresh flowers and big beautiful windows, where I will sit in the sun, drink tea, and read all day. I want to paint, bake, and garden to beautiful music and enjoy life.  This playlist is about lounging in socks and underwear all day drinking coffee and enjoying your own company!

81-Joana Newsom

Quelqu’un m’a dit- Carla Bruni

Please let me get what I want- Smiths

If you want to sing out- Cat Stevens

Sugar Town- Zooey Deschanel

Where do you go to my Lovley- Peter Sarstdt

7 heure du Matin- Jacquline Taieb

Cafe Creme- Christine Pilzer

La Madraque- Bridget Bardot

Baby Love- The Supremes

Gentleman who fell- Milla

m79 -Vampire Weekend


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One response to “Vintage Dreamhouse Playlist

  1. Well that’ll me wasting a few hours on YouTube today instead of getting any work done Thanks a lot 🙂
    sev x

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