I am obsessed with mermaids, and still want to be one! I grew up in a family full of fishermen and love being by the sea. I was raised at the beach and swam all day till sunset and would sing and play make-believe i was a mermaid hours on end. The scene in peter pan with the mermaid lagoon made me obsessed, and what little girl didn’t grow up singing the little mermaid word for word and call forks dinglehoppers!

I loved the folklore that Mermaids would sing to sailors to enchant them and distract them so they could be caught off guard. I loved the beauty and mystery of mermaids. I imagined having glamourous chests full of sunken jewelry, swimming all day, bathing in the sun on rocks in the open sea, or spying on lonely beach goers. I daydreamed the pain of having no legs and dying to know what land was like, and dancing!  I read Hans Christian Anderson’s Little Mermaid book every day and pretended I was her, living thru her tragedies and broken heart.

I am having a  mermaid treasure trunk show/art event this summer with my best friend for our line Our Room. xoxo


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