first cassette tape memories

I remember my first cassette tapes(Post Raffi): Cyndi Lauper & The Beatles. It was one of the first times my dad came back into my life and gave me an old cassette player and those  tapes! I was 9 or 10, i think. I remember skipping around with my headphones singing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun as loud as i could. I remember finding cool places to hang out outdoors and listen to the Beatles. I spent counless hours analyzing Beatles songs and having discussions about them with EVERYBODY!!! I would rotate  between these tapes for days, months…….. and memorizing each song word for word. I think that was the turning point where my whole world changed. From that second on it was to nothing but music all day and night! Changed my life!

1. Magical Mystery Tour
2. The Fool On The Hill
3. Flying
4. Blue Jay Way
5. Your Mother Should Know
6. I Am The Walrus
7. Hello, Goodbye
8. Strawberry Fields Forever
9. Penny Lane
10. Baby You’re A Rich Man
11. All You Need Is Love

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