A Glitter Story. Agony. Ecstasy

blue6  Magic is in the Makeup. On that note, so is Inked Barbie Cosmetics. Vegan, Cruelty free, and fun as hell. So I’ve been playing with some of their upcoming products and am falling for each cosmetic gem one by one. Inspired…I watched Party Monster AGAIN! I love it, the Real deal club kids and the sassy portrayal. “It doesn’t matter who you are, it doesn’t matter if you’re sick or old, or even if you have a hunchback, Just throw a little glitter on it and go dancing.”blue5” I am not addicted to drugs, I am addicted to glamour.” Same. I am also addicted to these currently. I am styling a super cute shoot and have this box of magic handy. A little Origins Halo Effects, hello kitty body glitter, teddy bear lip balm, liquid eyeliner, glitter, fun colorful pen, faerie stuff, favorite sunglasses, and other handmade treasures to shoot with. Marini Fini Jewelry, DUH! Bestie Bubbles By my bestie Devin. Then the star of the show, Inked Barbie Cosmetics. Ill get to all the colors and styles so you can try! “You’ll love me. I promise.”

blue8“I wanted to create my own world. A world full of color where everyone could play. One big party that never ends.” Michael Alig.

blue9 So lets start with the shadows! If you noticed the cute pink, purple, blue stack in my glamour box above, it is The Triple Stack Dollust Dust!!! In Bronx Blue, Harajuku Barbie Party, and Purple Haze. Each perfect, you have no Idea! Pretty and Potent. Its a perfect selection of colors for on the go vibrant vibes, and fits right in your purse. Obsessed! The Blue stole my heart tho! No the purple it is so many layers of shimmer and almost glows. The hot pink…I can’t handle. YES! Then my favorite ever Birthday cake, best Pink shimmery glowing shadow of all time. Lavender Snow is also an everyday for me. Great to highlight, and its so soft and pretty. My other obsession is this bubblegum tasting, and smelling perfect pink lipstick! It even comes in a little Candy Container. Goes on light and still thick and colorful enough, and its called Kandi Kid. Dreams come true, makes me feel so young. Pink Bubblegum is everything,as is blowing it with so much attitude, and lipstick. Now the glitter! Glamdoll Glitter addiction! The syringe filled with glitter is life! Disney on Ice to be exact! The others are Glamdoll Glitter in Bling It On, and Pink Graffiti, both essential! Teal Iced Dreams as well! So if you want some new makeup, support a local business, and make dreams come true, GET some of these fabulous products! “The road of excess leads to the palace of… fabulousness!

blue13  “Don’t dream it, be it!” Oh and I almost forgot to mention the other cute Candy filled lipstick! Candy kissers! The name is so cute. I almost used it all already! Its the perfect shimmery 90s Blue, and tastes like a snowcone. Yummy. How cute is my Lisa Frank Space Rainbow Bag! My summer on the go for sure!” I don’t do. I just am.” sameblue11 “I know what you need. A nice hot cup of hot chocolate.”Can you put some ecstasy in mine?blue12  Do Not Feed The Drug Clild!!! You can get the electric neon Bangles for 5$ each of three for 124 on http://www.etsy.com/shop/suicidebarbiebowtiq The Dreamdoll Lashes above are called Tokyo Pop Star! Kawaii! Speaking of cute, I just received  this reusable, custom nail set from Nailcart! facebook.com/nailcart blue7 meeeee “If we’re all going to hell in a handbasket, we might as well make it a party on the way down” James St.Jamesmeee I also got the cutest ZINE in the mail! Sexy Sexy Sex Zine. Get yours! It came wit all the cute you see scatters all over this post. Thank you Universe for all the love lately. Feeling Grateful and full of life.sexyesmichblue18 I Got A new Rose! A scented oil perfume handmade in La. So addicting, goth, and always reminds me of the Dammed. Nag Champa and Rose is so enchanting, dark, and alluring. Kryptic Love Creations is it’s maker!blue15 Speaking of new, I kinda had to get these pink sparkly stripper boots from GLITTER DEATH boutique, LA. blue17 Punk Rock Love. blue2 Kandi Kid on the Lips, Bronx Blue and Bring it on the Eyes!blue4 Pink Pentagram Ear Candy by Marina Fini,flamingo the dollar store!blue14 “People think we’re superficial.”blueSome close ups of the blue beauties!blue3 And once you’re gone,you can’t come back…When you’re out of the blue,and into the black.blue10 “We are all freaks. Yes! Alone in our rooms at night, we are all weirdoes and outcasts and losers. That is what being a teenager is all about! Whether you admit it or not, you are all worried that the others won’t accept you, that if they knew the real you, they would recoil in horror. Each of us carries with us a secret shame that we think is somehow unique…And if we are, each of us, freaks – then can’t we accept what’s different in each other and move on?” DSC03462

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Ooh La Lavender

pffLavender is one of my favorite shades, I get the perfect color on my hair by Using Manic panic Ultra Violet, conditioner, and some N Rage Bubblegum pink. It always fades perfectly and leaves hair with a silver platinum tint. Lavender fluffs up at macymarie.storenvy.com.teaI am also selling my handmade painted tea Infusers as well! Lumpy Space Princess, and fairies. lsp2 I really like this tea!lsp Lump Off!news How cute are these sailor school girl outfits! Had to get one in each of my favorite hair colors! Super cheap on EBAY! Buttons I collected over the years.ews2lavv Like I said I love this color…So I made myself some cute and punky arm candy. purp3 Party Fluffs up too! Oh My Glob.purp4 Daisy earrings by Marina Fini.lavvv Treat Yourself right! Tea, candles, Violet faerie bath, purple pearl lip mask, face mask,and hair touch up! Life is too short to not make everything you do special.lalal

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Lavender Lemonade Iced Tea Dreams

lav1 I love making iced tea concoctions because they are refreshing, healthy, and pretty. This Icey Lemonade Lavender Sage Tea mix is heavenly. Perfect Spring and summer drink. lav2

Boil some water for your tea, or grab your kettle. Fill a tea infuser with Some food grade lavender(I bought it at the farmers market) and Organic Guayusa Sage Lavender Tea.(I bought at the market). la  Let it steep and then add some ice, lemon slices,and the juice of one lemon. Lightly Sweeten however you like, I used some Organic Raw Sugar. I like it a little tart. Let it sit in the fridge until ready to serve. I waited a few hours and it was perfect. I even popped it in the freezer along with prepared glasses for an extra chilly treat.lav3lav4 I hand make these little faerie tea infusers. Macymarie.storenvy.com Serve it in a pretty glass with lavender straws, lemon slices, and ice. I would have put a fresh sprig of Lavender but I forgot it.

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My Skin Suit

I’m writing this post in my birthday suit giphy

My Skin suit, my mortal disguise.The bag of bones I live to decorate, and shake to The Cramps in!

I’ve never been very outspoken on the issue of Body Positivity, probably because it took me so long to really love myself fully, and there are too many cute clothes in the world to be naked. But it is a very important topic, an to so many young girls in living in a photoshop world. So I wish to relate and hopefully inspire. And I say young because as you get older it gets easier. You know yourself better, your taste gets better, and you get lots of practice dealing with the curve balls life throws at you. I can not stress enough that life is short, this body we are in is temporary, and as soon as you start loving it, others will to! Accept your flaws and laugh so hard at them nobody else can, then we have no issue. Nobody, but yourself can make you feel less, and you can’t change who you are, so be FREE. In the words of Zoolander “I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to life than being really, really good looking. And I plan on finding out what that is.zoolander

First some brutal honesty. Since A girl, I’ve stretched, danced, worked out, played sports, and practiced martial arts. I’ve always been sassy,witty, outspoken and comfortable in my own skin, but I’m not gonna lie, I’ve thrown up many meals along the way. I’ve never felt guilty about throwing up my food .In fact that scene in Zoolander made me laugh hysterically when they laughed at her bulimia confession like its no big deal, its a good way to drop a few pounds. But not so funny when you start to drop teeth! I also started drinking at 13, going to punk shows, any show, and hanging with bad crowds. I was always chubby and tired, and as tough as I was, I cried when got called fat, or a slut. I am still a crybaby,but not because of how I look! EVER! I always had a pretty face, and figure, but refused to see. I felt ugly, and suicidal, and did anything to feel accepted. My girlfriends and I lived on scales. I helped my mom raise my two brothers in the streets, both struggling with addiction and abuse issues, but that is personal. I used to drink vodka water all day every day from school to the gym. I drank a big bottle of whiskey a day too, 4os, beer whatever. I even passed out at the YMCA post workout and was dragged out by the janitor. The ugliest it got I was eating heads of lettuce 24 7 and my brother had to pick me off the stairs crying for a burrito. My mom wrapped me slim fast on Christmas and teased me about my weight forever. I ate my feelings then purged them. I was confident but let words break me. I was teased so hard for my big lips and now its my favorite feature, chipped tooth and all. I learned life on my own, and how to deal with bullies,critics, and assholes alike. I grew thick skin. I went to so many schools and lived in so many places its not even funny. I got good grades, studied, and went to class because it was safer and saner then home and the streets. I was a social butterfly because I had to be, but learned to walk alone. I was a loner and spend most of my time lost in my art. Never thinking about my looks, Never touching my body. I was never comfortable having sex until I met my boyfriend who loves every inch of me and my body. To wrap up this paragraph, it takes time and experience to know and love yourself, but it doesn’t have too! Free your mind and the rest will follow. We live in a different time and have the power to reach out for support,share love, strength, and knowledge. aliendoll

The Times They Are A Changing Life is more than fat, thin, ugly, pretty, intellectual, dumb, rich, poor… Its so much more then this superficial exterior and EGO that blinds us, and  and backtracks us from our spiritual growth. Love The Skin Your In and get used to it. It took a long time for me to get past my issues and become awake. The mind body spirit connection is beautiful and real. In fact it was 27 when I learned Chrysalis. Lets be honest Life has not been a walk in the park and I numbed myself all the time to stay alive. Then One day it clicked. I read a book, well many, but one stuck. It was Why French Women Don”t Get Fat. They don’t think about it that’s why, they enjoy life, and each meal is a ritual. Life is special, and your body is a temple. Mine was amusement park and I still cant look at a beer and not be tempted to pound it. But I looked in the mirror and said its time for a change, you are what you eat, you are not getting any younger, and you deserve a better life than this. I worked out hard, day and night. I stated to love the person staring back at me so much I couldn’t stop looking. Self exploring, being naked, playing dress up in clothes I never thought I could wear, and taking pics of myself. People thought I was being a narcissist but I couldn’t believe all the stuff I could finally wear. That and the birth of social media we all dip our feet in. Fashion blogs,and so forth got me excited and I wanted In! I began writing about my life, healthy living, and spreading positivity, and sharing my art as well as my story.The word fat lost all power over me, as did any insult. I was and am on a positivity high. Basically I choose to live this way and there is NO fucking way the likes of you are raining on my parade, got it motherfucker!!! I’m stoked and staying this way. We are all beautiful, and are one. Forget this whole me me generation and being a walking billboard. Be yourself, be happy, and be free. Open your minds, your hearts, and accept each other for who they are. Stop shaming and start loving the skin you were born in! Free The Human Body! Revolution…check out coloredflower.tumblr.com #myskinsuit and get with the program. Also Free the nipple, c’mon people its only human, and they look much better than a man’s, in my opinion. If you don’t like don’t look. Learn to worry about yourselves and leave others be. I won’t be showing mine for respect for my boyfriend but I love them all the same. d3

chrysalis We come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, but often forget we are also all different ages. I believe Age is irrelevant. We all have our own pace, and become awake when we are ready.A 36 year old woman who has had a lifetime of practice, and tips is going to be wiser and sharper at life than a 15 year old with a new phone! Seriously I get better every year. Advanced Style is a huge inspo of mine! But the older bombshell no longer has the youth or fearless attitude of the teen. Give and Take. You cant be angry when a nasty comment gets dropped on your page by a child, think about how you acted and all the stupid things you regretted saying  growing up. We all make mistakes, learn, and then move on. Social Media is an uneven playing field and should by no means be a competition. We are all our own person, beautiful unique creatures who have a purpose in this world. You will find it when you stop worrying about the exterior and working on the interior. So lets unite and spread the word of self love, and seeing past our physical being. We are here to learn, grow, help each other, and make connections, not to compare ourselves to others. Lets all stop talking about ourselves and using labels, lets exist and destroy our insecurities. We are all bags of bones that deserve to be treated equally, and with respect. Get naked and be one with nature. Don’t be ashamed of your body ever, be proud of who you are, and have fun with it. xoxo

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Inked Barbie Diary

lipsonly I am obsessed with glitter, and wearing it on my lips! So I was super excited to get a package full of makeup in the mail from Candy Rock Couture, introducing their new Line! Inked Barbie Cosmetics! Vegan and cruelty free! Coming Soon! I spent three days getting dolled up and trying out new looks with it all, and I am in love. So here is what I came up with. me Pretty tied up in the GlamDoll Glitter in Bi-Polar Barbie. I love the name as much as the product, and it is super glittery, and fine. I am wearing it over matte purple lipstick, Pansy by Lime Crime to be exact. As always I love colorplay, so first I went right into shades of purple and pink.  The Pearly White Cream eyeshadow in Holy Ghost is awesome. I use it as a highlighter under my brows, above my lip, inside corners of my eyes, cheeks, or wherever else I feel like making shimmer.DSC03405 The Lavender Snow, Dollust Dust, is so pastel and pretty. Perfect eye shadow for a soft nymph look, or ethereal snow princess. I always add a few drops of water or eye drops over the shadow and blend in circles gently with my fingertip for more shine and a long lasting hold. Then dust more on top. Here is my look!lips2 lips I applied powder, a cosplay wig sharp cat eyes, and tiny lavender hearts with lash glue. Then put on the most perfect doll lashes! Dreamdoll Lashes in Barbi-licious. I love them so much, and you get two pairs.  fdDSC03442DSC03441  So here are some of the fabulous materials I used to get my looks. m I am so grateful to receive and play with all this rad makeup. The packaging, and shimmery shades brought me back some happy memories. I have always been passionate about makeup, and really good at it. But, I couldn’t afford it as a kid and went crazy at all my rich girlfriends houses! They always had the best vanities. I was honored to be able to touch the makeup boxes and try on all the glittery stuff, lol. I would head to the mall with friends and go straight to the makeup counters right for Stilla, Mac, Nars,Tony and Tina (for glitter) Urban Decay,Hard Candy and more. I would try it all on, dream, learn, and cry it all off, cause I was a broke kid. But thank god for Drag queens,they taught me everything I needed to know and got me hooked on Ruby Woo Red Matte Lips. 4 Look, Even the Eyeshadow is  smiling! This is by far my favorite. Dollust Dust In Birthday Cake. The product lives up to the name, and shimmers so vibrantly. 3 I love clip in hair pieces as well! I cried when I saw this pastel rainbow one in my package. You can get this mixed color one now at http://www.etsy.com/shop/suicidebarbiebowtiq   The Inked Up Barbie Packaging is so fun too! DSC03462DSC03458 This is the Glamdoll Glitter in Teal Iced Dreams applied over reen Lip Gloss.DSC03479 I wanted a dramatic eye so I used face paint for my brows, Holy Ghost Cream shadow for highlights and to lighten up my brow. I also used pink facepaint for the hearts on my cheek and used the Birthday Cake Dollust Dust over it, and my lids. I used some of the Glamdoll Glitter in Bi-Polar Barbie too. DSC03476 I don’t care what people say I love makeup! We don’t wear it because we are insecure or don’t like how we look without it, in fact we look better! We wear it as an extension to our looks, outfits, and for artistic self expression. Of course to enhance our natural beauty, and cover our flaws, but not for idiots. DSC03388 Look out for  Inked Barbie Cosmetics, this fabulous cruelty line of products is coming soon. In the mean time check out http://www.candyrockcouture.com/

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Cherry Rainbow Reality Filters

cherry  I made these fabulous things today! Made pink fluffs for my baby pink vintage kitten peep toes. I had these cute rose vintage shades and was waiting for the right moment to decorate them. I glued the cherry earrings to them into a sassy sparkly cat eye pair. I then added tiny glass rainbow and pink crystals. Summer and spring will be better in these cuties!y

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Iced Tea Crazy

kawaii6 I live for Iced tea. I drink so much tea I stared making pitchers of it to keep in the fridge for endless refills. I love to mix in fresh organic lemon slices, ginger,fresh fruit,and herbs. I don’t sweeten my tea, only honey or agave if I do. Lately I have been into green ginger tea with lemon, ginger, and pear slices! You can mix in whatever you like and let it meddle. I cant stress enough how good tea is for you, especially the greens! Plus it helps you get your daily water intake,and has so many healing benefits. Lemon juice every day too! I even do cayenne lemon ginger shots as much as possible. My skin and body can never get enough fruit! Pears are wonderful! Try this or your own blend, and lay off processed unnatural drinks like sodas, and sugary shit like fake juices, waters, Gatorade….and so on. Water,tea,and organic fresh squeezed juices come from the earth, and your body reacts better, because it can identify what the fuck it is taking in. Be health, but always in moderation, cheating keeps the cravings away, wish it worked that way with booze. So make up pitchers of Iced tea, and black coffee,  you will be less tempted to drink the bad stuff.

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